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Reef friendly sunscreen

Protect your skin and the planet.

Many sunscreens contain hidden ingredients that can be harmful to the planet. One ingredient under increasing scrutiny is a chemical called oxybenzone, which even in very small quantities can damage coral reefs and oceans.

Some of the most popular surf sunscreen brands contain this ingredient, which means there are plenty of surf loving people out there, unwittingly damaging the ocean each time they slap on some sunscreen and slip into the waves.

We are proud to say that Sun Bear Sunscreen does not contain oxybenzone, is produced using solar power, comes in fully-recyclable packaging, is not tested on animals, vegan friendly and of course 80% of profits, go to protecting the world's smallest bear and our namesake, the Sun Bear.

Sun Bear Sunscreen uses naturally occurring chemical compounds to create an SPF 50+ rating, which makes it the best possible protection you can get for your own skin while being as good for the planet as possible. There are no all natural or organic sunscreens available in Australia that can give you this level of sun protection.

Protect your skin, protect the oceans, protect the Sun Bears and grab a tube of Sun Bear Sunscreen this summer.