What's Your Footprint?

February 14, 2018


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There’s a lot of talk nowadays about ecological footprints (how much of an impact you have on the planet), emissions, sustainability and eco-friendly alternatives. Do we all need to turn vegan? Do we throw our cars away and buy a bike? Do you need your own garden to have a small enough footprint to make a difference? Where is this made? How was it made? What’s in it? Surely there’s a better option.

Well, to be honest, it would most likely do the planet a lot of good if we did all of those things and knew the answers to all of these questions. BUT, some things are a long way off, and will take some time to achieve as a society. Imagine if nearly everyone turned vegan tomorrow AND started growing their own veggies. What about if everyone got rid of the cars and bought bikes? Well, that would actually be really great buuuut, that’s as much of a longshot as Sun Bears learning to fly.

One thing that’s becoming easier, is understanding what we are putting in, and on, our bodies. If you want to start reducing your footprint today, have a little look at what is inside the products you’re consuming.

A lot of pharmaceutical products contain a cocktail of chemicals that are harmful to us, and the environment. But it is well within our power to learn a bit about the impact these chemicals have, and start choosing better alternatives. We reckon every positive action adds up!

Sun Bear Sunscreen is made with some awesome qualities:

  • It’s made with solar energy;
  • In completely recyclable plastic!
  • It’s vegan.
  • And palm oil free.
  • It’s rainforest derivative free.
  • It won’t hurt the reef or its inhabitants (oxybenzone free).
  • PABA free (a nasty chemical linked to skin discolouration, liver issues and cancer)

AND we donate 80% of our profits to the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre. The world’s smallest bear is on the brink of extinction, and needs a helping hand. So, buy yourself some Sun Bear Sunscreen and remember to have a look at what you’re buying or putting on your skin.

Every little bit helps. And every tube sold is a step towards saving another Sun Bear!

Bear Hugs 😊

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